Seminar Series

VSAE's Annual Seminar series includes six (6) two-and-a-half (2.5) hour educational seminars. Topics cover nearly all aspects of association management including communications, leadership, membership, strategic planning, and so much more. VSAE is an approved provider of CAE credit hours and each seminar in the series is worth up to 2.5 CAE credits. See the CAE Information page for more, including a printable chart to track your CAE credits.

Each seminar is accompanied by a networking breakfast, luncheon, or reception. You can attend the seminar, the networking event, or both. VSAE members can attend the networking portion (breakfast, lunch, or reception) for free provided they are registered by the deadline. See VSAE's registration policy for more details.

For more information about VSAE's Seminar Series, see the FAQ below or review VSAE's Registration Policy.

2018 Seminars

Transforming Behaviors That Impact Your Bottom-line
Yedda, Business Coach and Consultant

Friday, February 2

Very few people or organizations can clearly articulate why they do what they do. This is not about making money – that is a result. The "why" is all about your purpose, cause, or belief. Why does your association exist? Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why should anyone join your organization? And why should anyone care?

Key Takeaways
After attending this session, participants will be able to understand the greatest change they can make is not the behaviors of others but of themselves, and they will learn how to communicate their "why."

  • Rapidly identify the root cause of problems preventing optimum performance in your organization.
  • Identify opportunities to grow membership and create effective marketing strategies that work. 
  • Draw people into alliance around a clearly articulated vision.


Memberball: Increasing Member Engagement & Satisfaction Through Innovative Data Analysis
Shomari McCrimons, CAE; Philanthropy Works, LLC

Friday, March 2

Based off the 2011 movie, Moneyball, this session will detail how associations can utilize data to create unique metrics that drive member engagement and satisfaction like professional sports franchises. Learn what new data trends your associations should be measuring and innovative ways to evaluate your association’s social media presence to effectively drive member engagement and satisfaction. See how survey feedback and forming a better understanding of your website or online community is a key factor in meeting member demands. 


Packing a Punch with Your Communications, PR and Marketing Campaigns
Sheri Singer, Singer Communications

Friday, April 6

With today's multichannel traditional--elevator speeches, print, radio, television--and non-traditional communications--e-newsletters, website and social media including mobile and viral marketing--there are many more ways to reach your target audiences with your communication campaigns. In this session, Sheri Singer, president of Singer Communications and Vice Chair of ASAE's Healthcare Community Committee, will discuss the steps necessary to launch market research on a budget, identify your target audiences, and create a strategic plan. Through best practices and case studies participants will walk away with the tools to create a strategic plan and develop communications content that support a successful campaign. 


Something's Going to Change Around Here - The Five Stages to Leveraging Your Volunteer Leadership
Liz Weber, Weber Business Services, LLC

Friday, June 1

• Do you come in early and stay late, just to get YOUR work done?
• Do your volunteer leaders lack depth and the talent needed to really drive your association forward?
• Would you like to learn why you're always playing catch-up just to keep up?

If you answered ‘YES!’ to just ONE of those questions, this presentation is right for you! Leading, and especially, leading volunteers can be a challenge for even the most experienced of association professionals. However, with insights from her own experience as a volunteer leader, her client examples, exercises, and an assessment, Liz Weber will share her model: The Five Stages of Focused Leadership Development™. This simple model will help you quickly identify why association staff and volunteers under-perform, depend upon you to solve their problems, and cause you to work the long hours you do. In addition, you will be able to take a free leadership assessment before Liz’s program to learn which of the 5 stages of leadership you're modeling and what specific changes to make to enhance your own and your team's performance! 


Leading Through the Eyes of Those You Lead
Kevin Eastman, KEWE llc

Thursday, September 6

Kevin will take you behind the scenes of some of the most successful professional sports teams today and share with you how they view the position of leadership. In today's competitive environment it is crucial that leadership have an understanding of the deeper needs of those they lead in order to create the all-important "buy in". Kevin will discuss topics ranging from what "REAL" leadership is; to the 5 Leadership Musts; to the 4 Most sought-after needs of those we lead. In addition, he will address some of the 25 Most Powerful Words That All Successful Athletes, Coaches, Leaders, Teams, and Organizations live by.


Designing and Interpreting Performance Analytics for Your Association
Larry Seibert, PhD, Association Metrics

Friday, November 2 

This seminar will focus on the best practices of conducting voice-of-the-member research, including questionnaire design, data collection, data cleaning and analytics, and interpretation of results. The format of the seminar will be a combination of lecture, discussion, and in-class exercises. The pros and cons of various research methods will also be presented.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I attend just the seminar or just the networking breakfast/luncheon/reception?

Yes, you can attend the seminar, the networking event, or both.

Is there still a networking reception before the luncheon with free drinks?

At many (but not all) seminar events, there is a networking reception before luncheon or after the seminar.

How much are registration fees?

By reg deadline*
Late reg
VSAE Member
Seminar: $50
Lunch/breakfast: Free**
Seminar: $60
Lunch/breakfast: $14
Seminar: $60
Lunch/breakfast: $35
Staff of an
Exec. member
Seminar: $50
Lunch/breakfast: $25
Seminar: $60
Lunch/breakfast: $30
Seminar: $60
Lunch/breakfast: $40
Seminar: $90
Lunch/breakfast: $50
Seminar: $100
Lunch/breakfast: $55
Seminar: $100
Lunch/breakfast: $55

* deadline is typically the Tuesday before the event.
** Executive non-Resident & Semi-Retired members pay $15 to attend the luncheon/breakfast/reception.

Is there a limit to how many times a non-member may attend?

Yes, non-members are limited to three events per calendar year.

How do I use my Seminar Pass to register?

Register for the event and use the Seminar Pass discount code on the payment page. If you need your code again, please call the office at (804) 747-4971.

Where do I find my Seminar Pass discount code?

The code is in the confirmation email sent to you when you purchased your Seminar Pass(es).

I am a member. How do I register a staff member who is not a member?

You will need a code to register them on the website. Call the office at (804) 747-4971 to verify your membership and receive the code.

Can I register multiple people from the same organization at the same time?

Yes, the main contact for an organization can register multiple members during registration using the "register linked profile" button. See the registration form for details.

How do I register a guest?

If you would like to register a guest, you may call VSAE at (804) 747-4971 or the guest will need to login/create a profile within the database.